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Human design reading session

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Human design is like a unique blueprint showing where your strengths and weaknesses are and the conditions you need to be able show up as your best self.

This is a brand new thing, what in the past has only been available for mentoring clients. But human design is such an incredibly powerful tool that I’ve believe everyone should know it and how to use it.

During this live up to 75 min session you will get the information about your unique design and how you can start making changes in your life and see magic unfold.

I particularly focus on the business side and how you can create unique strategy that is for you. This draws on both my extensive business and marketing knowledge and human design.

After the session you will get a recording of our zoom session that you can view and come back to anytime.

Human design is a very elaborate system, so if you are completely new to human design I recommend 3 sessions to really begin understanding your design and how it can be used daily and in business. You can purchase 3 sessions for EUR 377 here.